What is a PMP Certification?

By | October 25, 2010
What is PMP Certification

What is PMP Certification ?

A PMP certification is a certification issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI). This certification shows that you have the ability to lead projects and that you have a solid foundation of project management. The credential was introduced by PMI in 2006, and today there are over 400,000 PMP certified project mangers. The PMP certification is acknowledged worldwide and is considered to be one of the most prestigious certifications in the field of project management. Thousands of new individuals become PMP certified every month and this number has continued to grow over the years.
Who should get a PMP certification? Project managers who would like to take their careers to the next level and demonstrate their level of knowledge and experience in being able to initiate and complete a project are likely candidates for this credential. This credential is also useful for long-time project managers with many years of experience as it will help brush up their skills and will introduce a number of new tools and ideas which they may not have been aware of.

How difficult is it to obtain a PMP certification? Not very difficult at all. The requirements to become eligible to obtain the credential are fairly easy to fulfill and you most likely have already done so. As for the exam, you can purchase a copy of the official exam specification book which will give you a very detailed guide on the exact format of the exam and what types of questions you should expect to show up. Once you have obtained your certification, you will need to constantly work on projects in order to maintain your credential.

What are the others benefits to obtaining a project management professional credential? Besides refreshing what you already know on the topic of project management, this certification will make you much more wanted in the business world. You will win clients a lot more easily and you will find the job market very responsive as well. While some companies might view this credential as a bonus, others require you carry it before they hire you.

What are the costs and fees of a PMP certification? The only costs you have to pay are for the examination and for any associated online training you purchase. You will also need to spend some money on purchasing the official examination specification book published by PMI, which is available on Amazon.com. You might think that is quite a bit of money, but once you receive your certification you will see how valuable it really is.