Head First PMP Book Review

By | April 7, 2011
What is PMP Certification , Head First PMP Book Review

What is PMP Certification

Passing the PMP certification exam requires a lot of dedication, effort, studying, and training no matter your level of experience with project management. The Project Management Professional status is considered one of the toughest certifications to achieve but is also one of most respect as well. Taking the PMP exam just for the purpose of adding three letters after your name isn’t the only benefit of this popular credential. A higher salary at work, better project management skills, and a respect from your boss and colleagues are all the added benefits of obtaining this status.

The following review of Head First PMP, a PMP preparation book by Andrew Stellman and Jennifer Greene will help you decide if this book is worth your time.

A project manager who carries this credential shows employers and clients that he is serious about his job and that he knows what he’s doing. Studying for the PMP exam will teach you a lot of new project management skills and will help you develop a lot of new abilities that will make your job a lot more fulfilling. The main problem is that the majority of training courses and programs available on the market are written in boring ways that will make the learning process a lot harder than it really is. Even experienced project managers will find the PMP exam difficult unless they get enough project management training and read up on test.

Head First PMP, a book on how to pass the PMP exam solves the problem many other books have by using new, cutting-edge techniques to deliver the information you need to know in creative ways that will help you memorize facts and ideas for ages. This popular publication among project managers follows the PMBoK Guide very closely and presents the material to you in an engaging manner that will not only help you pass the PMP exam on your first try, but also remember the information you learned so you can apply it throughout your career.

Jennifer Greene and Andrew Stellman use puzzles, games, exercises, problems, and on-the-job scenarios to deliver the information to you in the most visual and stimulating way possible. Their guide includes hundreds of sample questions and mock exams that will get you into test-taking shape in the quickest time possible.

The thousands of project managers who have used Head First PMP to pass the exam on the first go all attributed their success to the highly visual style of the book which helped them recall a lot of the information easily on test day.

Conclusion: This book should be on every project manager’s list who is looking for ways to prepare for the Project Management Professional Certification Exam. Not only is this one of the best PMP prep guides available, but it is also the most fun to use because of all the great jokes and drawings in the book.