What is a PMP Certification Worth?

By | October 26, 2010
What is PMP Certification , What is a PMP Certification Worth

What is PMP Certification

Project managers with years of experience may frequently come across the subject of PMP certification during their career. They constantly hear the term “PMP certified” and wonder what it means and if it’s worth joining the group of certified project managers. You’ve probably even heard how the project management professional certification can help boost your potential salary and how it provides a bunch of great new information you never knew before. But you might have also noticed accredited individuals complaining about how difficult the process to obtain this credential was. Now you’re confused. Should you or shouldn’t you become a PMP certified project manager, and what exactly does being certified these days mean for you and your career? These are all useful questions to ask before spending time and money trying to obtain a project management professional certification. The following article will be focused on discussing and answering these questions to show you exactly what a PMP certification is worth. Once you finish reading it you should actively start searching for online project management training classes that will help prepare you for the exam.

First we will start out by seeing how this credential can help you in your everyday workplace by making you a better, more experienced project manager. Passing the PMP certification is not an easy task, but it is still very possible. The new ideas and skills you learn while studying for the exam will make you a much better leader at work and will show you new methods and techniques of accomplishing certain tasks. The certification will also open your world to a whole new range of thinking and this will greatly help you when you are working with large groups and trying to complete large, complicated projects.

The second factor we will use to see what the worth of a PMP certification is the monetary value it will provide you. Will you get paid a higher salary if you are PMP certified? The short answer is yes. Companies and contractors are actively hunting out certified project managers and are paying them big money to come work for them. Some companies even list this credential in the job requirements, so getting certified will give you quite a big advantage over others applying for the same job you are but don’t have the project management professional status which you do.
But are the two things mentioned above really worth it? You will need to study for hours and learn new things, and then you will need to spend lots of money buying books, tutorials, guides, online training, and paying for the actual exam. All this just so you can be able to add a small extra line on your resume? To sum things up, what is a PMP certification worth you ask? A lot. Start looking for online project management certification classes as soon as possible to get ahead of the competition.