PMP Certification Requirements

By | October 25, 2010
What is PMP Certification,PMP Certification Requirements

What is PMP Certification

Obtaining a PMP certification is a big step in one’s career. Not only will this credential make you a lot more valuable to future employers and clients, but it will also help you acquire a new set of tools and practices that will help you greatly in your profession of project management. Employers are on a constant lookout for someone who can take and lead a project to completion successfully, which is exactly what this certification conveys. A common misconception is that this certification will only help in adding a new certificate to hang on the wall, but in reality you will gain much more. The whole process of studying and preparing for the PMP certification exam will teach you a lot about the project management profession and will shed light on some things you’d never thought of before. Experts in the PM industry highly recommend this credential to anyone who is actively involved in project management.
To obtain a Project Management Professional status, you must first be aware of the PMP certification requirements and qualifications. The process of becoming certified is a bit more complicated then simply taking an exam and then receiving your certificate, but don’t let that throw you off. The requirements are actually quite simple and are actually set in place to ensure you will not face much difficult when preparing for the examination. There are three requirements you must fulfill before you are eligible to take the PMP certification exam. These three qualifications lie under the following areas: formal education, project management education, and project management experience. The following chart explains in detail what is required if you a secondary or bachelor’s degree.

What is PMP Certification - PMP Certification Requirements

PMP Certification Requirements

The official PMP handbook states that your PM experience must have been gained within the last 8 years of you applying for the examination. The book also states that you must have had experience with the five process groups of a project which are initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing (of the project). You do not to have experienced all these five process in one project, but over the number of projects you have worked on during your management.
According to numerous studies and polls conducted, a PMP certification is one of the top 10 IT credentials you can obtain. The internationally-accredited credential acts a verification of your knowledge and skill in the field of project management. Even though this credential does not act as a substitute to formal education or training received, it will definitely make you look more attractive to prospective employers or clients if you are self-employed. The verification of your credentials and experience is done online once you’ve submitted your application on the official PMI website.
Do you satisfy the required PMP certification requirements and qualifications? Visit to submit your application to have your credentials review as soon as possible.