PMP Certification Exam Preparation

By | October 27, 2010
What is PMP Certification , PMP Certification Exam Preparation

What is PMP Certification

Are you thinking of getting a PMP certification any time soon? If so, then you have definitely been searching for some tips on how to successfully pass the PMP exam to get the title and respected status of a project management professional. But it is a well known fact that finding material and information on the PMP exam is extremely difficult, unlike the many sources of information available on various other certifications. The Internet is a great source of tips for the PMP certification exam, but there are also countless project management books and project management certification courses that will also give you what you’re looking for. You should be well prepared for the PMP exam before you take it else you might do poorly and will have to pay for the re-examination fee and do the exam all over again. To ensure that you pass from the first try, you need to get enough exam preparation and then take a shot at the test.

Project managers who passed the PMP exam the first time they tried it recommend that each potential candidate join an online class or group in his local college or learning institute to learn the basics of obtaining a PMP certificate. The other recommended source of information is the PMP 4 Dummies book which gives you a very detailed outline of what you need to do and how to do it in order to successfully receive your project management certification. Not only does it tell you how to prepare for the exam, but it also gives you tips on other parts of the application procedure.

Already have tons of books and guides on the topic? In that case you might want to check out a few sample questions to see the format and style of the questions that will be asked on the exam. There are many websites that provide sample and practice PMP certification questions for free and others that provide more details question/answer guides with an extensive range of tips but will cost you. You might also want to join a few forums and ask for tips and hints from members who have the project management professional certification. Be sure that you are clear about what it is that you want to know. Don’t ask general questions and expect answers. Also, don’t expect others to spoonfeed you. People are willing to give you tips on the PMP exam if you are polite and ask questions that haven’t been answered before or questions that can’t be found online.

Make sure you prepare well for the PMP exam. Good luck! Remember, the harder you study and the longer you prepare, the more likely you will pass on your first try. That’s why you need to get all the practice you can get, so buy every book and join every project management professional training class you can find!