PMP Exam Study Guide Review

By | April 20, 2011
What is PMP Certification , PMP Exam Study Guide Review

What is PMP Certification

PMP Exam Study Guide by Kim Heldman is a comprehensive 650 page PMP certification preparation book that has practical advice and tips on how to pass the exam. This well known study guide uses a variety of proven techniques to make sure you understand how all the information you learn can be applied on the job. The book uses real word scenarios and examples to show you how each topic covered is relevant to a project manager’s daily activities and duties.

A lot of project managers would agree that the most difficult part of becoming Project Management Professionals is finding the best way to study and prepare for the PMP exam. The overload of information caused by the enormous amount of prep books and training courses makes the process of preparing for the PMP test a lot harder than it really is.

Kim Heldman PMP Exam Study Guide follows an organized approach to introducing the required material so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of information intake at any time. Sample questions and exercises appear at the end of each chapter to reinforce the key topics you’ve learned and to help you decide if you’re ready to move on to the next chapter.

The book also makes use of tear cards that show you where each topic for the official exam can be found in the book. The biggest bonus to Heldman’s guide is the CD that accompanies the book. This CD includes the entire book in PDF, searchable format, all the PMP mock tests, questions, and answers, and over 2 hours of audio which aims to help you master certain project management skills.

One problem with Kim’s book though is the immense amount of information it contains. Some project managers may find this useful and consider a reference book, others who don’t have much time to prepare for the PMP exam will probably find it a bit too much to go through.

As long as you still have a few months before you exam test date, going through this book and solving all the exercises and questions is highly recommended. Studying from the largest amount of books and taking more than one PMP training course is vital if you’re serious about passing the test on your first time.

The skills and knowledge you acquire while preparing for the test will also greatly benefit you at work as well, so the best way to not feel bad about “wasting” too much money on prep guides and courses is to consider the time and money you spend an investment.

Conclusion: Kim Heldman’s PMP Exam Study Guide is one of the most comprehensive Project Management Professional certification training books available and is highly recommended for anyone who has sufficient time to prepare for the PMP test and would like to make sure he is getting all the knowledge he needs.