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Six Steps to Becoming a PMP

There are hundreds of websites and resources that offer information and tips on how to pass the PMP certification exam, but one of the most common problem project managers face is not knowing where to start. Hundreds of project management training websites and programs exist that will help you pass the PMP exam, but almost… Read More »

How to Get a PMP Certification

Do you know how to get the PMP certification status? As difficult it is to believe, many project managers interested in becoming project management professional certified actually have a lot of trouble in finding information on the steps required to get certified. Although the PMI institute offers a guide on getting certified, people still find… Read More »

PMP Certification Costs & Fees

One of the things that makes people put off becoming PMP certified is the cost it takes to obtain the certification. You need to buy project management books, subscribe to online project management training classes, purchase guides, and then pay for the actual test and countless other expenses. This leads many people to wonder if… Read More »

PMP Certification Requirements

Obtaining a PMP certification is a big step in one’s career. Not only will this credential make you a lot more valuable to future employers and clients, but it will also help you acquire a new set of tools and practices that will help you greatly in your profession of project management. Employers are on… Read More »