PMP Certification Exam Locations

By | October 28, 2010
What is PMP Certification , PMP Certification Exam Locations

What is PMP Certification

Over 400,00 thousand project managers agree that a PMP certification is worth a lot. Evey month thousands of new people obtain this credential and for good reason too. There are countless pros to being certified and not many cons, which is why so many people decide to get their Project Management Professional status as well. This is a globally recognized credential that will impress employers all around the world, no matter where they’re located. The biggest and most advanced countries in the world have companies that take this high value certification into consideration when you apply for a job. Project managers who have this credential show that they have a solid foundation and understanding of the basics of project management and can take projects through all five process, eventually completing them successfully.

The PMP exam is issued by the Project Management Institute in association with its partner, Prometric. Thousands of locations are available all around the world and you can take the exam at any of the locations near you. The PMP certification test can be taken in almost all of the countries in the world including Australia, India, Korea, Japan, Asia, the Middle-East, and most of Europe. Most of these test centers have special accommodations for people that have special needs or cases. There are some things you are not allowed to bring to the test center and these are typically items that can be used to cheat or items that may cause distractions such as foods or music players.

You will not need to bring calculators or pens or notepads to the test. All these materials will be provided to you at the test center before you start your exam. All the PMP certification exam locations have special rules of conduct that must be followed or you may be asked to leave the center and have to forfeit your fees or test scores. Once you have acquired your project management professional certification rank there are some certain rules you must follow as well or you risk you credential being revoked.

The PMP certification will help a lot in advancing you in your career. By preparing for the exam you will learn new skills that you can use in your daily job that will have a positive effect on your business as a whole which will lead eventually to higher payraises and positions. There are many examination locations all over the world and there is almost definitely one that will be located near you area. Take the next big step in your project management career and get certified.