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By | June 1, 2011
What is PMP Certification , Top Project Management Software

What is PMP Certification

Project management software has a wide variety of uses with planning and managing projects being the most popular. As a project manager, you will undoubtedly come across many of these software solutions which are used to plan and work on projects. Many of today’s top project management software is accessible online to enable team members to work from anywhere at any time. A lot of big companies and organizations like NASA use the following project management tools to successfully carry out objects and reach their goals.

Finding the best project management software can be pretty hard since there are so many different options available. Some software is better suited for companies with large teams and many departments than it is for a small team with just a few members. We’ve put together a list of the some of the best software available with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Always be sure to set your priorities before choosing the software you’ll be working with. Price, ease of use, functionality, features, and customer service are a few factors you should take into consideration before making your decision.

Microsoft Project – Microsoft project is a great piece of project management software that can do practically anything and everything you’d want. This software has so many features that it would be crazy to list them all here. MS Project works especially well with the rest of Microsoft’s products (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) so it makes a lot of the aspects of budget planning and task scheduling a lot more easier. All these features may be too much for small businesses that are just looking for some basic functionality to carry out simple projects.

Huddle – Huddle is a great web-based project management software that makes it easy for your team to work and collaborate on the project anywhere and any place. This software is completely web-based and has a bunch of features like file sharing, messaging, discussion forums, conferencing, and the ability to invite as many people as you’d like to join your boards. Managing goals, scheduling tasks, and uploading/editing documents is really simple to do and can be done anywhere you are as long as you have access to the Internet.

Project HQ – One of the most popular choices among small businesses, Project HQ is a free project management tool built on open source technology that provides small teams powerful functionality and great features.

Project KickStart – Project KickStart is a Windows-based application that comes in two flavors: standard and pro. The standard edition is a lot cheaper and is suited for small teams/businesses that are looking for basic functionality in the software. Both editions have an extremely easy-to-use user interface that allows anybody to start using the program without the need for long and intensive training. The customer support hotline which is active 24/7 is another bonus to this software.

The list above is just a sample of what’s available. There are a lot more project management web apps and programs that you might find better, just do a bit of research and read many reviews before spending any money.