Best PMP Certification Books & Guides

By | October 28, 2010
What is PMP Certification , PMP Books

What is PMP Certification

There are many books that talk about project management in general but when you are in the process of getting your PMP certification then you want book that will teach you about just that topic. If your goal is to become certified and you already have experience in managing projects, then there is no point in just buying books that talk about the topic in general. These are the of the best PMP certification tip books that are available on the market. You should definitely purchase a few of them and read them over to make sure you have a vast knowledge of the exam and what to expect when you do it. Write down notes and highlight important information that you think will be useful to you in the future or highlight material you might have trouble with to review it once again. You can also enroll in some project management certification classes to get the chance to ask your teacher questions you don’t understand.

You can visit or Google Books for a list of titles on the best PMP exam preparation books available, but this article mentions a few that are quite possibly the best out there. Choose one or two of these books and you will find yourself flying through the exam on your first try. These are some of the best books that include tons of useful advice and information on how to get a project management professional certification status. The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try. This is a fantastic book that has hundreds of positive user reviews online, and here’s a brief overview of you’ll find inside. Tips and trick, secrets, and tons of free sample questions. Plus you will also have a bunch of information on all the test material you will be tested on with clear explanations. This book will help you master some of the key aspects of project management that will undoubtedly appear on your exam.

PMP exam prep is another fantastic book on preparing for the project management certification test. The main benefit of this book is the countless number of sample questions it has inside it. The last PMP exam preparation book is Head first PMP. Written by actual PMP certified project managers, this book has a wealth of information you will find nowhere else. This book is for all levels; beginners will find it extremely easy to follow the concepts presented in this book and even advanced project managers will find a few golden nuggets here and there. This book presents everything in an easy-to-read format which is still able to provide you with a great idea of what’s going without you feeling lost or confused.

Those are some of the best PMP exam prep books which I recommend you purchase and read over if you really want to pass your project management professional certification exam on the first try.