Should I Get a PMP Certification?

By | October 28, 2010
What is PMP Certification, Should I Get a PMP Certification

What is PMP Certification

Project managers who are interested in learning new things and bettering themselves at what they do frequently ask themselves if they should the PMP certification offered by the PMI institute. They know that it can help them with their career but also know that passing the PMP exam is no easy task, due to the lack of material available on the subject for free. If you are a budding project manager or hope to become one in the near future, then getting the project management certification is probably one of the biggest advantages you’ll have over any other candidate. The biggest companies in the world see the PMP certification as proof of your proficiency in project management and are a lot likely to hire you if you list this credential on your resume when you apply for the job. Unlike what many people claim, getting a PMP certification is not nearly as hard as it looks, and the thousands of people who become certified every year are proof that the task is possible. All it takes is a bit of hard work and some proper project management training and practice.

So, should you get a PMP certification? The short answer would be yes, you should. This article will expand a bit and give you a longer answer that will tell you exactly why you should bother. First of all, being certified will allow you to charge more for clients if you are self-employed or to negotiate a higher salary when applying for a job. Listing that you’re a project management professional on your resume can have quite a positive effect when someone is about to hire you, and even though this credential is not a substitute for real word experiences and successes you’ve had, it still does a quite a pretty good job and leaves a lasting impression on the person reading your resume.

The second reason you should become PMP certified is that you will see that studying for the exam is a great method to brush up on your information and will find that you also learn a few new things as well. By preparing for the project management certification test, you will no doubt read a lot of books and guides on the topic of project management, and this will teach you new ways to accomplish tasks which will really help you out in the real word.

Sometimes you may not even have to ask yourself this question because at some companies being PMP certified is not optional, so what you should be asking isn’t if you should get a PMP certification, but how you should get one. Check out our project management certification website regularly for the best tips and information on how to get your PMP certification from the first try.