PMP Certification Costs & Fees

By | October 27, 2010
What is PMP Certification,PMP Certification Costs and Fees

What is PMP Certification

One of the things that makes people put off becoming PMP certified is the cost it takes to obtain the certification. You need to buy project management books, subscribe to online project management training classes, purchase guides, and then pay for the actual test and countless other expenses. This leads many people to wonder if the PMP certification is actually worth the effort and cost. This article will not be focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of being certified, rather it will simply give a brief overview of the costs and fees that are associated with getting your PMP credential. There is a difference though between the fees and what you’ll actually be spending and the fees for the exam. Here we’ll be talking about both of these costs so you can know what to expect you’ll be spending before you actually obtain your project management certification.

The fees for the actual PMP certification exam are the following for nonmembers of PMI: $405 for the computer based test, and $555 for the paper based test. Members of PMI pay less than the nonmembers, and because the cost of being a member is less than the difference between what members and nonmembers pay, it would be better for you to become a PMI member before you pay for your test.

The second type of costs you’ll have is the associated costs. These costs include things like online project mangement training classes, practice exams, study guides, books on the subject, and the official PMP examination specification book which is the material you will need to study in order to pass the exam. These costs can vary greatly but you will most likely need to spend a few hundred dollars on them in the long run. Although these costs may seem like they’re adding up quite quickly, once you receive your certification you will see how much you were losing before you had it and how it really helps in the business world. Some of the world’s largest companies give the PMP certification a lot of weight and respect applicants a great deal if they carry this credential. Because these companies need someone who can start a project and lead it without messing up or failing, they take this certification as an indication of your knowledge and know-how in the field of project management.

Don’t spend too much time thinking that the PMP certifications cost’s are too much, because if you compare them to the value you’ll be receiving in the future you’ll eventually see that you really got a good bargain. Don’t let the competition get ahead of you, get your project management professional certification today!