PMP Certification Practice Questions

By | October 27, 2010
What is PMP Certification , PMP Certification Practice Questions

What is PMP Certification

When studying for the PMP exam, it is helpful if you review some previous or sample PMP exam questions in order to know what to expect when you go and do the real test. One of the problems with the test that many people seem to agree on is that there is not enough study material available to learn from. Although there is an official book published by the PMI, project managers have argued that it is not enough and that it doesn’t provide a sufficient amount of practice questions and explanations. Many websites these days have started to fill the void and have started to offer sample questions and even complete tests, but for a price. You will not likely be able to find more than 20 sample project management certification exam questions available for free online. What exactly is the solution to this problem? Well, there are quite a few ways to pass the PMP certification exam the first time you take it even if you haven’t looked at tons of sample questions beforehand.

The first way is to ask your colleagues or other project managers in companies who are certified what the exam is like and what you should spend extra time on. (You can also ask them if they know any good websites that offer project management certification videos or classes.) They can tell you what types of questions will come and can give you a hint of what material you should specially focus on while preparing for the test. The other method would be to purchase a few books on the exam as they will usually include more than enough sample/practice questions along with their explanations. These two options are great if you prefer to not spend any money or just a small amount of money. You can either ask other project managers working in the same company as you are or you can join a project management certification forum and post your questions there where a large community of users will be ready offer help and advice.

The third option will cost you a bit more, but if it makes you more prepared then you should definitely stick with. Some project management training websites online sell 200 questions and their answers but for quite a hefty price. If you don’t mind coughing up some cash then this option might be the most beneficial for you. You might also choose to attend a PMP preparation course in some institute and use the PMP exam questions provided to you by the institution to train yourself. This last option is probably the best if you find it difficult to study by yourself and need to be with a group in order to stay motivated and focused, this is the best way to get your project management professional certification.