Advantages & Benefits of a PMP Certification

By | October 27, 2010
What is PMP Certification , Advantages & Benefits of a PMP Certification

What is PMP Certification

What are the benefits and advantages of getting a PMP (project management professional) certification? Hundreds of people ask themselves that question every month while wondering whether they should bother becoming certified. Project managers are busy people and before they start spending days on something that might not be worth it in the end, they like to be sure that a PMP certification will actually help them. The truth is that this credential is one of the most well-respected and popular certificates in the world. Unlike some certificates which are only needed in some parts of the world, the PMP title will impress anyone no matter where you are in the world. Huge Fortune 100 companies all support PMI initiative to standardize a topic (project management) that exists in a nonstandard world. Thus they all view this certification a very big plus and favor job applicants who carry it.

The main advantage of getting a project management professional certification is that you will instantly set yourself apart from the thousands of other job applicants companies get and will increase the likelihood of you getting hired. Even if you decide to go the other route and be self-employed, you will see how much this certification helps you attract a lot more clients as they will see that you have the ability to stick to something and completed. Clients need someone who won’t be able to finish the project. What they’re looking for is for someone that will take something from zero and then take it all the way to the end.

The field of project management is constantly changing, just like technology. New methods and tools are regularly updated and you must be aware of these latest technologies if you want to maintain a competitive edge in the market which consists of the younger generation who embrace this technology a lot more easily. Being a PMP certified professional shows potential employers that you are in the loop and won’t have any trouble working with others who are also aware of the latest techniques and tools in the market of project management.

Put simply, there is no reason you shouldn’t push yourself to obtain a PMP credential. Yes it might be pretty difficult to pass the exam, but with a rigorous study schedule and careful planning, you will find that the process is actually a lot easier then it seems. Once you obtain the actual certification it’s just a matter of staying in an environment where you gain experience hours to maintain your project management certification status.